Tuesday, June 23, 2009

petition to warden

TO: Warden Mike Thurmer From: (HSC-C-104)
RE: Administrative Confinement!

I'm on A.C. (Administrative Confinement), a Non-punitive status; yet I'm being punished as an inmate doing seg. (Segregation) time. On A.C. I get 3 additional privileges; I get state pay, one 10 minute phone call a week instead of 2 a month, and a 2 hour video camera visit instead of one hour. I get no additional property; (photos, books, magazines/catalogs, no programming and no canteen). I get the same property as a level 3 inmate doing seg. time. Still being punished, yet I'm on a Non-punitive status. When North Program was running, level 3 inmates doing seg. time were sent over there and received all their property, visits behind glass, and full canteen privileges.

A.C. at W.C.I, has no guidelines on how one can work their way off of A.C., nor is there any type of level system that one can work their way up to gain privileges; (canteen, property), and eventually work their way off of A.C. upon good behavior. W.C.I.'s HSC Handbooks Mission Statement states: "The W.C.I. Health & Segregation complex, Disciplinary Separation processes are designed to encourage positive adjustment while in segregation & to provide an opportunity for successful return to the Institutions general population. The goal is to provide a controlled increase in privileges & responsibilities in order to promote acceptable behavior". That's barely being done for guys doing seg. time, and it's totally non-existent for guys on A.C.

We are being punished, we are being kept in very cruel & harsh conditions for an unknown amount of time. Mentally & sometimes physically being harmed/ tortured like we're being punished till we submit, till we have no control of our minds anymore. Extended periods of solitary confinement is not good on ones mental health & that holds very true for A.C. inmates. I'm not allowed to do any educational, clinical, legal, or religious courses, programs, or correspon¬dences through the mail because A.C. inmates are not allowed their personal publications: Magazines/catalogs, or books. Programs are non-existent because W.C.I, has no mental health programs. There is a behavioral management unit opening up, but because inmates on A.C. are kept in the seg. building, they are not allowed to go to this controlled unit to take programs and get help for our mental health or behavioral problems.

It should be noted that the unit is being called a behavioral management unit and we are placed on A.C. because of our behavioral problems. I ask the following for A.C. inmates:
1). North Program, a range or unit be opened for A.C. inmates.
2). A level system set in place for A.C. inmates to work their way up, and guide¬lines to go by for A.C. inmates to get off of A.C..
3). All property & canteen be allowed for A.C. inmates per level system. (Example: Level 1, photos, Level 2, Books & photos, Level 3, Magazines, books, & photos, Level 4, Canteen, magazines, books, & photos, Level 5, Longer phone calls, plus Level 4, Level 6, Different set up for visits, plus levels 4 & 5,ect.
4). A.C. inmates be allowed to go to the behavioral management unit.
5). All mentally ill inmates on A.C. be moved out of seg. or put on a new unit due to the very likelihood of a long extended period of time one on A.C. will do in seg.. I believe the top 5 requests for A.C. inmates is fair, and the requests coincide with W.C.I.'s mission statement for segregation.

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